The Motorwagen is the world’s first petrol powered vehicle, patented by Karl Benz in 1885.

Inspiring. Elegant. Functional.

Motorwagen Café & Restaurant, working alongside Mercedes-Benz Brisbane, showcases a stunning dining venue next to a unique customer service and merchandise boutique with the latest Mercedes-Benz vehicles on display.


We reflect the innovation and creativity of Karl Benz. Our design is elevated casual dining, with a menu of classic and contemporary dishes, set in a stunning modern European style dining venue.



Motorwagen is proud to be serving specialty coffee by Blackstar Coffee Roasters from Brisbane’s first Modbar espresso and pour-over system by La Marzocco.

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Giving Out

Motorwagen is a proud financial supporter of Liberty Enterprises. Liberty is a not for profit charity established by Adam James that exists to champion the most disadvantaged members of the community in Brisbane. They support these individuals through mentoring, physical and financial assistance, getting them through crisis situations until they are in a healthy and sustainable environment.

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